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Natural Alternative Medicine Tip #8

When a wise man is in search of peace, he looks first within to find the disturbance. ~ dai


Failing . . . With a Smile



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How many times have you been told that you would fail at something – once, twice, too many times to count? I would be more upset if I failed and didn’t try than if I tried and failed. Why would I make this statement? People often look at failure as an “end all.” We need to understand that sometimes we need to fail in order to succeed. Failure can give one a reality check on where they actually are in life. Sometimes we want something so bad and we know that this is what WE want; but the universe may have other plans for us, thus, we fail at OUR plan. That plan may not have been right for us even if we thought it was. So what do we do . . . brush it off and start again. That’s the beauty about failing; we get to start again, refocus, and start new.

I’ve often stated that failure builds character. It shows you just how strong or weak you really are. If you fail and give up, drown yourself in your favorite ice cream, or look down on yourself as a failure – you’ve demonstrated that you don’t have heart, the drive to get up and prove your critics wrong. Then on the other hand, if you look at your failure as a life’s lesson, you can clearly see where things went wrong which will help you to do things differently and better the next time. I’ve gotten to a point in my life when people tell me “you can’t do that”, “you may fail if you do”, or “others have failed, what makes you think you will succeed” I just smile and think “at least I’m not afraid to try.”

Sometimes the wrong people in your life can cause you to fail. Those are the ones who don’t want you to succeed because they are not in a place where they want to be in life; thus, stealing your joy or happiness for what you want to do. First order of business, get these people out of your life. It doesn’t matter how close of a friend they are to you, you don’t need nor deserve that kind of negative energy. You need friends and family that will build you up, not tear you down. My philosophy is; if Plan A fails – remember, there are 26 letters in the alphabet and I will use all 26 letters if I have to.

So ask yourself – would you rather try and fail, than to have to ponder . . . what if?

Scary Doctor Facts

  1. The number of physicians in the United States is 700,000
  2. Accidental deaths directly related to the actions of physcians per year are around 120,000
  3. The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is 0.0000188

(Statistics courtesy of FBI)

Statistical fact:  Doctors are approximately 9,000 more dangerous than gun owners.  Conclusion:  Guns don’t kill people, doctors do.

Fact:  Not everyone has a gun, but almost everyone has at least one doctor!

Drugs and doctors are listed as the third-leading cause of death in the United States, responsible for the deaths of around 250,000 people per year.  Estimates range from 225,000 to 284,000 people and this is in the face of well-recognized underreporting of adverse drug effects by physcians and hospitals.

The reported deaths per year include:

  1. 106,000 caused by adverse drug effects of drugs that were prescribed inappropriately by physcians
  2. 7,000 medication errors in hospitals alone
  3. 20,000 other errors in hospitals
  4. 80,000 hospital-based infections
  5. 12,000 unnecessary surgeries

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For mild depression, acupressure is useful in alleviating many of the physical symptoms.

Depression can occur when you repress certain emotions.   By using anti-depression acupressure points, it can help to release blocked energy.  Acupuncture balances the flow of chi throughout the body and helps resolve the underlying imbalance contributing to the depression.  Siberian ginseng, licorice, and St.-John’s-wort can increase the availability of serotonin in the brain.

Herbal remedies commonly used for depression are not always recommended for Bipolar Disorder.  There are a few homeopathic remedies, including magnesium, acupuncture treatment, oil massage, yoga, meditation, t’ai chi, and gigong may often be very helpful for manic-depression.

Attention Deficit Disorder

            The two interventions researched in nearly all journals, books, and programs about Attention Deficit Disorder are medication and behavior modification.  Some children do well on prescribed medications, yet many others find they experience side effects such as difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite, depression, diminished growth, dizziness, and nausea. Homeopathy is a form of old medicine.  Its goal is to heal the whole person.  Diet is an important aspect of the healing process. A child’s diet can be supplemented with essential vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, amino acids, and naturally occurring neurotransmitters; and psychological and behavioral support for improving the child’s chances to be successful. Homeopathic medicines are known to be safe, non-toxic, inexpensive and free of adverse side effects. 


The study of Alzheimer’s has been ongoing for many years and it affects an estimated 18 million people worldwide.  Alzheimer’s is expected to double to 34 million by 2025 as the global population ages.  Research has shown, there is not exact cure for it, but there are various ways to slow down the process.  Through herbal therapy, ginkgo biloba (Ginko biloba) extract is said to alleviate the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s.  By consuming 80 to 120 mg, three times a day, it can help with deterioration of short-term memory, depression, absentmindedness, anxiety, dizziness, inability to concentrate, confusion, and ringing in the ears.