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Natural Alternative Medicine Tip #9 ~ How to sow your garden



Natural Alternative Medicine Tip #8

When a wise man is in search of peace, he looks first within to find the disturbance. ~ dai

Natural Alternative Medicine Tip #7 ~ Aging

For me, aging is a state of mind. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you won’t do it. If you tell yourself something is too hard, you won’t even try. Aging is; in all aspects:

  • Mind ~ The awareness of oneself and what your mind is capable of perceiving
  • Body ~ One’s physical structure and conditioning
  • Spirit ~The essence of one’s being

Mind, body, and spirit is what makes us who we are and justifies our very existence. All three; mind, body, and spirit must work as one to achieve wholeness.

I can plant the seeds, but YOU have to make them grow.

Natural Alternative Medicine Tip #06 ~ Planting Healthy Seeds


In staying healthy, maintaining an ideal weight, one must:

  1. Recognize that there are some health concerns in one’s own body
  2. Be willing to make some lifestyle changes
  3. Set small attainable goals for yourself to include walking, dieting, and exercising for more than 30 minutes a day
  4. After mastering your small goals, increase your goals
  5. YOU must want to make a change

I can plant the seeds, but YOU have to make them grow.

Natural Alternative Medicine Tip #05 ~ Failing with a smile


Don’t think about failing at something when you haven’t even tried.  Ask yourself,  “What reason do I have to fail when I haven’t tried, given it my all?”  If you go into a situation with a positive attitude, tried your best,  and you actually failed at it; put a smile on your face and say “I tried, I did my best.”  . . . Next

Natural Alternative Medicine Tip #04 ~ Negativity

negative-commentsAn excessive amount of research exists to demonstrate that negative thoughts, feelings and words have a ghastly influence on health. At the point when these things are encountered, our imperviousness to specific sicknesses and maladies diminish quickly. Anger, anxiety and bitterness are characteristic traits, however we ought to never get stuck in them. Nothing enhances, nothing changes when we stay in a secluded and harming condition of being.

When we encompass ourselves with negative individuals, the ones who dependably discuss issues yet never take care of them, we let these thoughts enter our own particular subliminal personality. Whatever enters can influence the way we accept things throughout our life, and soon enough, we follow up on these convictions.

Negative things that people may say, can and will rub off on us. When this happens, we can get to be discouraged, which prompts an absence of inspiration. An absence of inspiration to do anything, including dealing with yourself, is a standout amongst the most extraordinary things you can do to lessening the quality and length of life.

Now and then, the best thing we can accomplish for others is to tune in, regardless of the possibility that it means listening to their issues. Only in light of the fact that somebody sees the world uniquely in contrast to you do, doesn’t mean you need to tumble down to their level.

Listen with an open heart and an open mind; this permits you to be thoughtful and keen in your reactions on what could possibly greatly improve the situation for the other individual. Now and again the individual won’t take anything gently, and can never see the brilliant side of things. Simply acknowledge this individual, and realize that maybe one day they will have the capacity to come around.

While being confronted with irate and worried individuals, address them in a smooth voice and be benevolent. Remember that anger and rudeness are both conceived from apprehension, as when we dread something we guard ourselves, communicating anger. Release it, don’t hold on to it, and move on with your own life. Acknowledge who you are and your own self-worth.

Natural Alternative Medicine Tip #03 ~ Anxiety

anxietyAnxiety is the body’s response to any change that requires an alteration or reaction. The body responds to these progressions with physical, mental, and enthusiastic reactions.

Anxiety is an ordinary piece of life. Numerous occasions that befall you and around you – and numerous things that you do yourself – put weight on your body. You can experience stress from your surroundings, your body, and your responses to certain situations.

Your body is intended to experience stress and respond to it. It can be positive, keeping us cautious and prepared to evade peril. Anxiety gets to be adverse when an individual confronts constant difficulties without alleviation or unwinding between difficulties. Accordingly, the individual gets to be exhausted and anxiety related strain builds up.

Stretch that proceeds without easing can prompt a condition called distress – a negative anxiety response. Misery can prompt physical indications including cerebral pains, irritated stomach, hoisted pulse, midsection agony, and issues with sleeping. It can also bring on or exacerbate certain side effects or infections.

Anxiety/stress can be unsafe when individuals drink alcohol, smoke, or use drugs to attempt to diminish their anxiety. Tragically, as opposed to calming the anxiety and bringing your body to a natural state, these substances have a tendency to keep the body in a stressed state and cause more issues within your body.

Researchers are not sure of the exact cause of anxiety disorders.  Like other forms of mental illnesses, anxiety disorders are not the result of personal weakness or growning up in a poor environment.  Most anxiety disorders start during childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood.