Natural Health

foods that fight painStrange as it may seem, thousands of years ago people did not rely on a pill to cure their illnesses; yet, they lived a lot longer than we do today as we consume pill after pill to cure our ailments.  What a lot of people fail to understand is that the human body has the capability of healing itself.  In natural health, we need to teach those that are seeking guidance that all healing is essentially self-healing, a basic property of all living beings.  We as human beings are exceedingly complex and highly variable. Natural health based practices are about patient centered treatment which addresses a patient’s individual needs as opposed to the managed care protocol of modern medicine which treats each patient as just a statistic and focuses on the illness, not the whole being.  In natural health practices, patients are treated as individuals.

Everybody is different – our physical make up, our daily lives, our emotional states – no one person is exactly the same as another. Natural health practitioners take this into account when they treat patients – they find out about each individual person, rather than just the illness.  Over the course of this study, I’ve come to the conclusion that natural health can be viewed as a complementary or adjunctive form of therapy.

Natural health is about the natural healing therapies of prevention and healthy lifestyles, eating natural foods, nutritional supplements, exercises such as yoga, and stress management.  Natural health medicine has hardly any side effects; and it has been in use in countries like China for hundreds of years.

The western world is known for depending on its chemical health medicines, which have many side effects; however, as technology brings the world closer, we are better able to realize what other cultures have to offer. Naturopathic medicine is distinguished by the principles that underlie and determine its practice.  The methods that are used are chosen by the basis of the individual.  The responsibility of a Natural Health healer is to work and restore balance to the individual that is seeking counsel and minimizing the potential for side effects.  Most importantly, the goal is always to respect and support the body’s ability to self-heal.


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