Your Body Deserves a Physical Examination

large_Centric_Wellness_Logo_RGB_TM_square_12282014Today is my 52nd birthday.  The best gift that I could give myself that no one else could give is to go in for a physical examination.  I called a few weeks ago to schedule one on this day.  Years past, I would see a traditional doctor (Western medicine).  Over the course of studying alternative medicine and meeting other MD’s that work in the field of alternative medicine, it was a no-brainer that I should be seeing a holistic doctor.  Last year, I located a wellness center that met my needs here in San Diego.  Centric Wellness, like most holistic centers, focus on the whole person, not just the symptoms.  I met with Mark Rabe, MD, ABIHM last year who put me on the right path to healing my body, mind , and soul holistically.  Today, I met with Samuel Park, MD who is also an awesome doctor. He took his time, asked all the right questions, answered all my questions, and didn’t rush me.  I can honestly say that both of us were on the same page and wanted the same results . . . being in the best health possible for life longevity. In my opinion, a yearly physical exam guarantees health and great well-being. Some think of it as a preventive step and an approach to catch a more genuine condition before it starts to cause issues. A yearly physical can likewise screen vitals like weight, circulatory, cholesterol, and different markers.  Physicians utilize a physical exam to perceive how the body is performing. Contingent upon a patient’s well-being, a specialist may decide to concentrate on specific ranges of a physical exam. Individuals with a family history of coronary illness may get extra pulse checks, blood tests, and cholesterol screenings. A normal physical exam may incorporate the accompanying parts:

  • Health History: This may include, employment, relationships, family.
  • Vital Signs: blood pressure reading, heart and respiratory rate
  • Visual Exam: your specialist will visually look at your appearance for indications of any potential conditions.
  • Physical Exams: An exhaustive physical exam including checking the head and neck, abdominal area, hair, nails, and appendages. The specialist will likewise listen to the heart and lungs.
  • Lab Tests: The specialist may do a fasting blood draw. This aides in identifying irregularities in the blood that may demonstrate a bigger issue. They may ask for a lipid panel, or cholesterol test, if a patient is at risk for a heart attack, heart disease, or stroke.

I do understand that holistic treatment is not for everyone; but it works for me. Over the past few years,  I have had tremendous results from acupuncture, herbs, massage therapy, and by reading and understanding different ailments. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get annual examinations; men and women. As always, my goal is not to change you, but to plant the seeds to help you grow.


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