Monthly Archives: June 2013

Could This Be Me

mirror_reflectionI have questioned it while looking into the eyes of a man

That’s educated, once travelled the world, and she his equal

As they hold hands while I continue to listen, comprehend, and contemplate

Could this be me . . .

While questioning my own mental health at times,

Wondering, what is “reality” from one person to the next

As we all should take that question to heart, checking our own state of mind

While ending the day, opening the door and seeing her standing with open arms

Awaiting that evening kiss that caps off her day

And my only thought as I walk pass to the closest mirror and wonder  . . .

Am I looking into the eyes of a man that’s educated, once travelled the globe

And wonder  . . . is this my “reality”

As I’ve seen this face many times before along the streets, buses, alleys,

In buildings, in classes, and I searched the internet, encyclopedia

Where I find the many faces of schizophrenia

As it is labeled with unkind thoughts by those that don’t understand

How ones state of mind can change from a genius to thoughts of illusions

When they should be wondering  . . .

Could this be me?