nasal-polyps-picturesCAUSES – Nasal polyps are usually associated with people that have allergies, children with cystic fibrosis, and those that overuse aspirin.  They usually start at the top of the inside of the nose and grow into open areas.  The large ones can block the nasal airway which makes it difficult to breathe through your nose.

TREATMENT – There are some treatments available, but the only way to make sure that they are completely gone is to have them surgically removed.  Treatments that are available are:

  • Corticosteroid pills or liquid may also improve symptoms.
  • Antibiotics should only be taken if there is a bacterial sinus infection.
  • Aromatherapy (Tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and peppermint)
  • Homeopathy

PREVENTION – There is no real way to prevent nasal polyps.  If you do get them, you can use nasal sprays, antihistamines, and allergy shots which may prevent polyps that block the airway.


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