Causes-of-Erectile-Dysfunction-ED-Treament-TodayCAUSES – This is a common problem among men.   It is the consistent inability to sustain an erection for sexual intercourse or the inability to achieve an orgasm, or both.  Atherosclerosis or diabetes can block blood flow to the penis.  Certain operations and homonal imblances can also contribute to impotence.  Alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs such as marijuana can cause impotence.  Depression is also linked to impotence.

TREATMENT – An injection of papaverine or prostaglandin before sex can produce an erection and improve long-term potency and penile blood flow.  Some levels of testosterone shots can help some men.   It is recommended by some urologist that a vacuum inflation device may be helpful.  When some conventional methods do not work, men often elect a penile implant.

 PREVENTION – Moderate exercise helps to relax the body and boos energy levels.  Try various relaxation techniques to reduce stress.  Yoga, meditation, and massage are often used.


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