CAUSES – Streptococcus or Staphylococcus aureus bacteria cause the infection impetigo in which the bacteria is located in unclean bathrooms, spoiled food, and in our bodies through an open wound.  If some with an open wound uses a bar of soap or towel and someone else uses it, they can become infected.  A person can become susceptible to impetigo if they have lice, fungal or a strep infection.

TREATMENT – By having good personal hygiene and a being in a clean environment, you may avoid contracting impetigo.  You should gently wash the sores caused by impetigo with soap and water before you apply any medicine. By using mild soap and water, it can clear up mild forms of impetigo.  Your doctor may prescribe antibacterial baths if your entire family is infected.  For routine cases, your doctor may prescribe mupirocin ointment.  Over-the-counter antibacterial ointments are too weak to kill strep and staph infections; therefore, not recommended.

PREVENTION – If someone has impetigo, try to avoid close contact with that person until the infection has gone away.   It is wise to avoid sharing such things as towels, pillows, sheets, clothes, or other items with an infected person. If possible, wash any shared items in hot water before you use them again.


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