hungoverCAUSES – Alcohol beverages such as brandy, champagne, and whiskey can produce the worst hangovers due to the amount of congeners they contain.  Because red wine contains tyramine, it can cause severe headaches.  Because gin and vodka contain few congeners, they are least likely to produce a hangover.

TREATMENT – Drinking coffee does not relieve you of a hangover faster.  Time is the only thing that will sober you up.  Coffee will help get rid of a headache.  The cure for most hangovers is time.  Doctors often recommend aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen.  To calm nausea symptoms, eat light foods high in carbohydrates and fructose.  You can drink fluids to offset dehydration.  Ginger tea may counter nausea or you can try Nux vomica (6x to 30c) every hour, for up to three doses.

PREVENTION – By drinking in moderation, it will prevent having a hangover.  To slow the rate in which alcohol is absorbed, drink on a full stomach.  Carbonated beverages and alcohol should not be mixed; the bubbles send the alcohol to your bloodstream faster.


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