The underlying causes of anxiety are many.  The can include; nutritional, environmental, social, and psychological factors are often involved.  It’s important to determine which combination of factors is important in order to prescribe the right treatment.  One should always seek counseling with a qualified therapist.  Naturopaths may look for environmental toxins such as allergens, lifestyle factors such as smoking, excessive caffeine, recreational drugs, alcohol use and the amount of exercise you are doing on a regular basis.  IV chelation can remove some environmental toxins.  This is a process where you get a solution intravenously.  What this does is, it allows for the removal of certain heavy metals, by inducing excretion via the kidneys or the bowels or by colonics.  Other examples of holistic therapies for anxiety include; yoga, acupuncture,homeopathy, naturopathic medicine, qi gong, reiki, reflexology, and hypnotherapy for specific phobias.


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