CAUSES – The corns and calluses on the feet are usually caused by improper walking motion, bad fitted shoes (too small in size), and high heeled shoes which put pressure on the toes.  Foot problems that are caused by friction or pressure are soft corns and plantar calluses.  Hereditary calluses are normally found in children feet and are considered genetic.

TREATMENT – Once the friction or pressure is removed, corns and calluses will gradually disappear on their own.  If a corn becomes infected, antibiotics could be used to clear it up.  The use of hydrocortisone cream is known to heal cracked calluses.  One of the best options for a plantar callus is surgery.  Alternative choices may consist of Rolfing, Aston-Patterning, and the Feldenkrais method.

PREVENTION – When purchasing new shoes, to not rely on your judgment as to what size shoe you should wear.  Have your feet professionally measured.  Try to avoid pointed or high-heeled shoes.  Make sure that you have your shoes repaired as soon as possible if the soles seem to be run down.


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