CAUSES – From immature digestive systems, to allergies, to hormones in breast milk, researchers do not know exactly what causes colic.

TREATMENT – At present, there is no cure for colic, but there are a few home remedies one can use to help comfort a baby suffering with colic.  Herbal teas containing carminative oil can help reduce inflammation in the bowels and lessen gas production.  Herbal teas with chamomile and peppermint are also helpful.  If a baby is use to a pacifier, give it to them.  Also, continual motion such as walking or rocking the baby will bring comfort.

PREVENTION – Colic is unpreventable.  But there are things one can do to lessen the frequency, such as:

  • Feed smaller amounts of food and burp often
  • Feed the baby slowly to prevent swallowing of air
  • Try a formula free of cow’s milk if bottle feeding
  • Eliminate caffeinated drinks and cabbage family vegetables from your diet

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