CAUSES – A very common cause of cirrhosis is alcohol. The amount and regularity of alcohol intake depends on the development of cirrhosis. High levels of alcohol consumption injure liver cells. Liver disease characterized by irreversible scarring. Alcohol and viral hepatitis, including hepatitis, are among the many causes of cirrhosis. Cirrhosis can cause jaundice and fatigue. Diagnosis is suggested by physical examination and blood tests.

TREATMENT – Treatment is designed to limit any further damage to the liver and to prevent complications. Treatment of cirrhosis includes:

  • preventing further damage to the liver
  • treating the complications of cirrhosis
  • preventing liver cancer or detecting it early
  • liver transplantation.

PREVENTION – It is best to limit your alcohol consumption to as fewer drinks as possible. Hepatitis can be caused by having unsafe sex and undercook foods, such as shellfish.


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