CAUSES – Most breast problems are a localized swelling, knot, bump, or protuberance in a woman’s breast.  Breast lumps can appear in both sexes at all ages. In women, the fear is usually of breast cancer but many breast lumps turn out, fortunately, to be due to benign conditions that can be successfully treated such as infection, trauma, fibroadenomas (the most common benign breast tumors in women under the age of 40), or cyst conditions. No breast lump should be dismissed as benign until it has been checked by a licensed physician.

TREATMENT – Fluid can be drawn from a cyst in which your doctor will insert a needle into the infected area to examine the fluid and eliminate the cyst.  Because they are difficult to distinguish from cancer, fibroadenomas are usually removed.  Some alternative choices are:

  • Chinese Herbs (dong quai, bupleurum, and dandelion to reduce breast lumps).
  • Herbal Therapies (evening primrose oil (500mg two or three times a day may be helpful in reducing breast lumps)).
  • Nutrition and Diet (400 to 1,200 IU of vitamin E, plus no more than 50 mcg a day of selenium (which can be toxic in higher doses)).

PREVENTION – The best course of action if any is to get regular check-ups, maintain a proper diet, and exercise.


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