BACKACHE (Back muscle strain)

SYMPTOMS – Some symptoms are soreness after over exertion or injury; soreness that develops during the night; soreness that radiates to buttocks or thighs.  Back muscle strain, commonly referred to as a pulled muscle, is a type of injury when a muscle is overstretched resulting to a tear of the muscle fibers.

TREATMENT – For severe back muscle strain, you need a complete bed rest to guard your body from any movement that can worsen the pain. This rest is necessary to decrease pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation of the injured area. By using cold applications, it will help minimize these reactions and facilitate healing.  You can apply heat after cold application or when the swelling has subsided. Heat relaxes the injured muscles and increases blood circulation to the affected area.

PREVENTION – Ways to avoid re-injuring your back are:

  1. Use of back braces or back belts
  2. Shoes should be properly fitted.
  3. Use back supports or seat cushions.
  4. Exercise. Active and well-conditioned individual are much less likely to re-injure their back.

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