LATIN NAME:  Angelica pubescens

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Chinese medicine practitioners prescribe Angelical pubescens as a pain reliever.  They believe the root of this plan alleviates the pain and numbness in joints and muscles – especially of the lower body – attributed in Chinese medicine to cold, damp weather conditions.  This aromatic herb with its thick, glistening roots is classified as acrid, bitter, and warm according to the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine.


WARNING:  Do not use angelica root when there are what Chinese medicine calls heat signs.  These include symptoms such as fever, thirst, sweating, and a rapid pulse.

In laboratory experiments, angelica root apparently has relieved pain in mice.

This herb has slowed the growth of bacteria in a test tube study.

TARGET AILMENTS:  Take internally for:

Acute and chronic pain in the lower back and legs that is sensitive to cold, damp weather.

Mild headache and toothache that respond to changes in the weather.

SIDE EFFECTS:  None expected




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